Golden Rule!

Before you even start your fight with insomnia, there is one rule you have to remember. There is NO one miracle way to cure insomnia that works for everyone!  I want to stress the importance of this on the beginning to spare you disappointment. What do I mean? If you hear about about some great method – either from your friend, or found somewhere online, and after trying it turns out it doesn’t work, You (as I were many times) might get discouraged, feel more stressed that nothing helps which makes things even worse (stress is the main enemy of people with insomnia). So be prepared that some methods simply won’t work for you. Why?
There are many causes of Insomnia, varying from purely environmental (stress-related, substance-induced etc. to biological one (related to sleep apnea for example).
So how should you proceed with finding a way to cure YOUR Insomnia?
Always look at the big picture. Think for long have you been struggling with it, was there any major changes in your life, do you experience any other biological symptoms? Remember that Insomnia can be symptom or other condition.
And this is what our website will try to help you with, explaining how to find out in which type of insomnia are you dealing with from the most common to the most unusual ones, and provide with most effective ways to treat this particular type of Insomnia.


Hello. My name is John and after years of struggling with insomnia, I decided to create this website that would collect ways to treat (and cure) insomnia, review products that really help with our condition, entries about my personal history with insomnia, new result of clinical studies and science behind it…
everything that has to do with it.
I’m hoping to create website that finds ways to effectively help people like me.
Join me in this effort!